It’s a bold call to action. It restores the promise of the Constitution and reclaims our unalienable rights of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

It applies common sense solutions to the uncommon challenges we face as a nation, so we do not squander the opportunities we have and those we create in the future.

Representing Rhode Island, whose motto is “HOPE,” Right Direction Right Now unifies diverse voices behind a common, optimistic vision to move forward, securing freedom, values, and prosperity for every Rhode Islander, every American.


Ensure just and Constitutional laws are protected and upheld. Repeal laws that threaten personal freedoms and free markets.

Every member of Congress takes the oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. Why, then, are so many bills that violate that oath introduced and passed? These bills clip your income, your liberties – or both – in one bad law after another.

Ray is committed to confronting these assaults on liberty before the bills are passed. This action leads us in the right direction.

Secure our borders.

For decades, both parties have had opportunities to address the complex issues surrounding legal immigration and illegal entry into the United States. Ignoring the hard challenges and leaving the borders porous in the meantime poses a detrimental threat to the safety, health, and well-being of every American, especially those living in border states.

Ray is committed to addressing a responsible immigration policy that considers the best interest of America first. This action leads us in the right direction.

Grow our economy for the benefit of all, and stem inflation that hurts those struggling to manage.

Since day one, the Biden administration has implemented premature, irresponsible energy policies under the guise of environmental responsibility; continues to send billions of American taxpayers’ dollars to Ukraine while ignoring the nation’s crumbling water, electric, and transportation infrastructure; and allows purchase of thousands of acres of farmland by communist China, all with no regard for the sovereignty or safety of America.

Ray is committed to getting both houses of Congress and colleagues on both sides of the aisle to work together for long-term strength and stability of our food, water, energy, and transportation resources. These actions lead us in the right direction.

Stop government’s deficit spending and balance the budget.

The last time the federal government balanced its budget was 2001 (four consecutive years between 1998-2001). The time before that was in 1969. The federal government clearly has a poor record of spending only what it takes from taxpayers.

There are many reasons for this history of bad management, but most of it stems from mistaken presidential and congressional belief that extravagant good intentions outweigh limited resources. “Ends justify the means.” They do not.

Every government plan to “help” eventually falls into corruption, fraud, and theft, hurting its intended beneficiaries, and further undermining the public’s trust in government.

Ray is committed to cutting “well-intentioned” programs and slashing wasteful, redundant spending by unaccountable, unelected government departments and agencies. These actions lead us in the right direction.